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A New Model for City-Building

Build Toronto was established as an arm’s-length real estate corporation to leverage the City of Toronto’s surplus and underutilized real estate assets. In the early days of its mandate, the prevailing perception was that the company was only focused on selling off public assets with little consideration for the impact on communities. We needed to help change the story.

Up till then, Build Toronto had typically focused its messaging on its “properties and profits”, rather than how its work contributes to improving the city. We recommended a shift in emphasis: framing everything the company does through the lens of “city-building” or how Build Toronto is meeting the needs of the city and its residents through responsible development.

To support this positioning we developed a new brand visual style, updating the company’s staid corporate look with a more contemporary and friendly approach. The new visual style has since been rolled out across a range of communications pieces from annual reviews to advertising to the website. Build Toronto’s brand message is now unmistakably driven by its city-building priorities, conveying an organization that uses its business and real estate expertise to help build a better city.