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Searching Made Easy

As a leading promoter of financial literacy and the one source for all matters relating to banking in Canada, the Canadian Bankers Association needs to present a high level of professionalism and credibility while also being current, dynamic and relevant. Especially on the web. They needed to take a “content first” approach; amalgamate their financial literacy program sites Your Money Students and Your Money Seniors, and update their online brand image. Enter Clear Space.

We conducted an in-depth audit of the entire site and discovered content duplications. Most importantly the navigation was confusing preventing users from getting to articles quickly. We recommended a simple, filter-based design that helps users find the information they seek in the least amount of steps. Our new design displays all content as articles, in a “card-based” system, that is filtered by a robust search tool, by article category or further refined as article tags.

Extensive content mapping and user experience testing informed our design decisions to produce a site with simplified navigation, increased functionality and maximized user satisfaction. All while providing users with a visually-rich web experience.