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Home Is Where the Heart Is

Casey House was founded almost 30 years ago as Canada’s first free-standing hospice in Ontario for HIV/AIDs. Today, Casey House is a modern hospital with a 58,000 sq. ft. purpose-built health care centre that’s connected to it’s historical building on Jarvis and Isabella Street. This respectful bridge between past and future reflects the notion that it’s still one of the few places where people living with HIV/AIDS can find care without judgement. The hospital worked closely with Clear Space to match their new building with a refreshed identity.

We gave the brand a refresh but aimed to retain the equity of the current identity. It needed to reflect a proud legacy and support their new position as a modern hospital. The original hand-drawn logo was transformed into a more sophisticated icon. The heart and door theme remains, but now the logo takes on more meaning. It’s where heritage and future meet. It’s about openness, growth, and acceptance. A new cool red and a flexible identity system rounds out the new modernized brand image.