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Motivated to Give

With 1.2 million patient visits per year, Sunnybrook is Canada’s largest single-site hospital dedicated to life-saving patient care and groundbreaking research. To continue their amazing work year after year, Sunnybrook counts on the generosity of its donors. Since 2008, Clear Space has been Sunnybrook Foundation’s strategic and creative partner, working with the Foundation to understand, appeal to, and show appreciation to the donors who make Sunnybrook’s efforts possible.

More than just raising awareness, our work with Sunnybrook Foundation is about raising funds. To achieve this objective, in every project we work to understand the motivation that compels someone to give – what matters to them the most. It could be the loss of a spouse. A thank you after a personal battle with a disease. Or simply a generous, philanthropic approach to life. In each case, we create unique solutions that connect with donors on a personal level – recognizing what’s important to them, demonstrating that their gift makes a tangible difference, and compelling them to want to support Sunnybrook’s life-saving work.