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Mining Responsibly

Operating a profitable gold mine in a volatile market is a tough business. And for Teranga – a small Canadian-based company in Senegal, West Africa – getting your story out to investors is critical to success. Their objectives are not only to run an efficient operation, but to also communicate their commitment of becoming the benchmark for responsible gold mining in the country. They have always maintained that they’re about people and not machines and earth. The name Teranga literally means hospitality and friendliness in Wolof, the local language in Senegal.

While the experienced leadership team focused on building credibility with stakeholders, they enlisted Clear Space to establish a brand image that would support their efforts. To help tell the Teranga story we balanced editorial, metrics and financial results with a vibrant and people-centric brand. We set out to reflect the vision of a responsible company by visually capturing the everyday life of the community surrounding the mine. By putting people, not machines or dirt at the forefront in all communications, we established Teranga as a stable and socially responsible company in the rough and tumble world of mining.