Project Scope

Visual Identity
Branded Environment

What You Can Do

The University of Toronto is known as an academic leader around the world, and many of their students are focused on their studies, not their physical health. They needed to be reminded that what’s good for the body is good for the mind. The school features a variety of world-class sports facilities including the Goldring Centre for Athletics, a brand new multi-million dollar venue. The challenge was students didn’t know all the facilities were accessible to them – or that there is a wide variety of recreational programs that would suit almost anyone. Word needed to get out. The Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education at U of T challenged Clear Space with creating an engaging awareness campaign.

Our goal was simple. Create a fun, approachable campaign that would connect and inspire students of all abilities to use the facilities, join an activity program, or just drop in and play a sport with friends. We developed a visual identity of unique illustrations that evoke friendliness, approachability and inclusiveness. We paired these with off-beat headlines and a call-to-action to “come see what you can do”.